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ladies Rock Off-Road Club

By Cristal Mroczek and Angela Hinckley ladiesrockoffroadclub@gmail.com The Ladies Rock Off-Road Club, a non-profit organization, has served women in the off-highway vehicle community since 2017. The organization was founded with the hopes of creating a community for women involved or interested in the sport and believes in supporting, educating and empowering other women. The club specializes in providing a safe and comfortable environment for women to learn about vehicles and off-highway while offering resources and a diverse range of activities for all levels of experience. No matter your driving ability, or lack thereof, you will be challenged and supported by the community. We appreciate all makes and models of off-highway vehicle, from stock to race-capable. One of the many types of recreating we participate in is overlanding. Many of our members enjoy weekend trips, or extended weeklong adventures with our families, on back roads in remote locations. We love a good camp meal and late nights around the fire. Being able to incorporate some of our other passions such as kayaking, fishing and sightseeing allows us to connect with others as well. From planning the journey, to making a packing list, to learning the skills of backcountry camping, we work together as a team. This year we have a fun weeklong overlanding event planned that will explore the rustic roads of Wisconsin and off-beaten paths in Minnesota and Michigan. As a bonus, Jeep owners will have the opportunity to earn their Jeep Badge of Honor by completing trails on Michigan’s Drummond Island. The Jeep Badge of Honor is an online community that celebrates and rewards those who embrace the off-road life by completing various designated trails throughout the United States.

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