Exploring remote dirt roads in your 4x4. Its more about the journey than the destination. Overlanding requires explorers to be independent and self-reliant in the field, which starts with having a rugged and dependable vehicle built to survive in rough terrain. Overlanders generally set out with a host of other gear designed to keep them safe and comfortable while exploring far off the grid.
Navigation system for trails
We use the GAIA App paired with the Bad Elf GPS unit.
The perfect pop-up tent!.  
Each Gazelle tent comes in a compact, durable and convenient carry bag. We love how fast this sets ups.
Hot shower
Basecamp Hot Water Shower System -The internal battery will power through 8 five minute showers and the unit can be hooked up to dc power as well with included car port cable. A 1 lb. disposable cylinder connects directly to the included pre-calibrated regulator to deliver over 60 minutes of hot water on high. The included quick connect pump and shower head deliver an average of 8 gallons per minute, ensuring that your shower is as good when roughing it as it is at home. Integrated safety features, like the over temp cut-off, flow detector and tip switch protects you from scalding water and accidental burns.
A good shovel and a axe
Fire is important...we use it to cook, keep warm and the light it provides.
We use a Fiskars X15 Chopping Axe (23")
First aid kit
Accidents happen.
Cooler or fridge
If your looking for a cooler, check out the Kula by Bote Boards. Lightweight and easy to carry! use this for a camp site seat with a build in bottle 
opener. We use a ARB 47L fridge on our overlanding trips. Low energy consumption and a quiet motor.
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