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Pesto Pistachio Encrusted Salmon

Camp Fire Pesto, Pistachio encrusted Salmon Foil Pack (4 Servings)

Prep and Cook Time 20 Minutes

8 oz. Pesto

8 oz. Pistachios

1 Salmon Fillet about 1 ½ lbs. or 4 Salmon steaks

Heavy Duty Foil or Foil Pack

Oven Thermometer

STEP 1 Start a fire. Work on Building up a good bed of hot coals. (The key is even heat)

STEP 2 Crush pistachios to a medium pulp.

STEP 3 Use a couple layers of heavy duty foil in a criss cross alternating pattern to ensure

that the salmon doesn’t burn.

STEP 4 Place salmon skin down in the middle of the foil.

Cover with pesto then sprinkle crushed pistachios on top.

STEP 5 Fold side of foil up and pinch at the top in the middle.

Fold foil down and seal while fold in the ends. Place directly on the coals or camp grill.

Camp grill temperature should be around 350 degrees.

Make sure to rotate the foil pack every 3-5 minutes to cook evenly.

Cook time of 20 minutes

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