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Overland Gear Discussed

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

As vehicle outfitters the number one question we get has always been "what should I do to my rig next?" or "what piece of gear do I need to buy...?" Our answer is always simple... Unfortunately we cannot answer this for you... I know! Sounds crazy right? I mean, we could sell you anything your heart desires! We could build you the most insane rig you have ever seen and fill it with the nicest gear on the market. But that’s just not being honest... That’s not answering your question! That's not what we do...

That being said, our best piece of advice to our clients is to allow your journeys to dictate what you will need for the particular adventures you will see. Don't just shove your rig chock full of gear you don't need! This only leads to carrying way more weight than you need to be carrying which in turn just burns more gas and adds more wear and tear to you vehicle... So stay light when you can!! Only take what you need. Good preparation can go a long way in helping with this. When you go out for the first time you will for sure figure out what your needs are and what your wants will be... Separate these and learn to be sensible. There are so many products out there that are nice to have but so many may not be a necessity. You will without a doubt figure out what is important to you and as you progress and develop into the overlanders you choose to be. It won't take long before you figure out what works for you, what you need, and of course what doesn't work for you. When you are ready to buy products, do your research and seek out quality within your affordability. These products aren't cheap so invest wisely or as we say it, "buy once cry once".

Nick Atwell - Backwoods Overland

So, our best piece of advice??? Buy gas!!! Get out there! Always with a buddy when possible, know your limits and stick to the Tread lightly principles! See you on the trail!!!

Nicholas Atwell - Backwoods Overland

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