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New Englands Overland Guide Service

Northeast Adventure Company, New England's premier overland guide service, Provides some of the best legal and responsible overland adventure tours throughout New England and parts of Eastern Canada. Founded in 2018, We realized that as overlanding continued to grow in popularity, people desperately wanted to get out and explore

but didn't know where to go and didn't know what was legally accessible. Born from necessity, our trips and events

range from simple off season meetups and two-night weekend excursions to five-plus night expeditions and 40 rig rallies. Events like the Cruise to the Clouds, Green Mountain Mission, and Leaf Peepers Anonymous bring participants through some of the most beautiful and remote areas of New England. Opportunities to use 4Lo abound between stops at scenic vistas, country stores, local landmarks, and swimming holes.

We recently returned home from a ten-day tour of New Brunswick's south shore to the northernmost community on Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and then west all the way to Vermont. We spent the first five days with clients on the 'Cape Spencer Crusade', covering all kinds of terrain from technical trails and legal water crossings to beach driving and camping. We spent time in St John's oldest farmer's market where we tried candied smoked salmon and ate lunch

overlooking St Martins Sea Caves. The last five days were spent touring Cape Breton's Cabot Trail and last-minute trail checks for an event in Vermont. We are continually floored by the support we receive from the community we have begun building. Helping a driver tackle a difficult obstacle or watching repeat clients become fast friends are the things that seal the deal for us. This is our passion and constantly endeavor to provide the best possible experiences

for our clients. New plans are always in the works for fresh Canadian and stateside adventures every year. We have an exciting horizon ahead of us and would love to share those experiences with you! You can check us out on YouTube and Instagram by searching Northeast Adventure Company and please look us up on Facebook where we have a very active community group. Stay safe and we hope to meet you on the trails someday.

Chris, Ben, & Mason


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