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Looking Through My Lens

By Sascha Volz

Have you ever got up one morning and desperately wanted to go into the forest? Well, I did, and I do on a regular basis. I have always been this way, even as a child. But, on this one particular morning, the mountains were calling… and I answered!

Before going any further into the story, let me tell you about myself and how I came about capturing these long-lasting memories. I am a truck driver by day and travel all over North America. During my free time, the big rig gets parked and I find time to go out on the trails. Then, with my backpack, camera and childlike curiosity, the magic begins. I soon find nature’s beauty staring back at me and allowing the moments to be snapped.

Now, coming back to the story, the goal of the day was to reach Margaret Lake. The sun was shining and the weather was being very cooperative. Already, the outcome seemed promising. After some preparation, I jumped in my Tacoma. Not knowing what surprises awaited me, excitement quickly took over as I felt pretty content with my decision to explore. After a short search, something caught my attention. Soon I found myself on an offroad trail that quickly gifted me with the sight of a beautiful river, a series of switchbacks, tight tree paths and eventually, a view that I could have never imagined. The glorious, breathtaking and majestic Margaret Lake! What a stunning and magical place; one where you could stay for days and never want to leave. But after some time, I continued with my journey.

It was invigorating! Every turn gave me a different image of the natural beauty. Throughout the day I was amazed with all the majestic mountaintops. Continuing deep in the Alberta Mountains, but more precisely in the Waiparous (Ghost) area, trails, camping spots, bathtub-like waterholes, wildlife and a lush forest were there to be discovered.

At last, every good day must come to an end. I had reached a nice natural platform and it was there I found the perfect spot to make a fire and gaze at the picturesque mountains. What better way to bring the adventure to a close?

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