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A Family Business

New Holland Overland started with a father and son in Holland, Michigan with a dream to build a teardrop trailer. Driven by a passion for off-roading and a love for camping, that idea of building a trailer grew into something much greater and more exciting for Michigan, the Midwest, and the nationwide overlanding community. All of New Holland Overland’s products are built upon a form follows function mentality with the desire for quality and real materials.  Every product and idea is thoroughly tested starting with heavy market and consumer research, prototyping, and then followed with outdoor experience and final market release. 

Jeremy career’s background in consumer product design, and his father woodworking background, creates a duo of inventors, enthusiasts and entrepreneurs for off-roading and overlanding.  Jeremy uses his 2017 Toyota Tacoma as a test rig for some of the products he comes up such as the new adventure trailer and bed rack from New Holland Overland.  Their first product, which was released in May 2019, is the adventure trailer.  The trailer sizes in at 15ft

long with independent suspension, a max coupler for confident trail connection, a rugged exoskeleton, a queen size bed for the sleeping quarters, and one of the largest kitchens available for this class of trailer! It truly is a game changer for a luxury overlanding trailer.  All of the trailers are hand built including the frame and body in house.  With a variety of aftermarket options you can truly make these trailers unique to you and your needs

for overlanding.

Upcoming products include a brand new bed rack system for the 3rd Gen Tacoma’s.  This new system is designed to be one of the strongest bed rack systems and includes numerous options and adaptations for 3rd party accessories.  Proprietary to New Holland Overland’s new rack system will be the first hybrid topper, which will feature reinforced rigid canvas panels to keep your bed items safe and dry.  Also brand new and never before seen is a ladder for the Tacoma, featuring a quick release from the bed for tight and technical trails while giving access

to the roof and all of your accessories without dropping your tailgate.  Jeremy’s testing methods for his products tend to occur throughout Michigan’s trails in Manistee Forest and at Silver Lake Sand Dunes.  He tends to takehis product testing to an extreme level of challenge and also fun, jumping through the air and sand at Silver Lake to test out the first gen prototype of the new bed rack, and winding through the trails of Manistee in torrential weather and tight trails.  If you are interested in learning more about New Holland Overland, feel free to checkout their Instagram and Facebook pages at @NewHollandOverland, or their website at


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