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Overlanders Magazine
NEXT ARTICLE SUBMISSION - DUE June 5th 2023 / Summer/Spring  ISSUE

Thank you for considering Global Overlander magazine to showcase your travel experience.

We are looking for between 300 and 1000 words.

Our focus is on trips, cooking and rigs, and therefore offer higher priority to articles reflecting that. 


Toyota Overlanders is happy to feature journeys around the globe, if the text is engaging and the photography inspiring.

If you would like to submit a piece of work for possible inclusion in a future issue of Toyota Overlanders, please forward your


Submission of high quality images via DROPBOX. (7,000KB or higher) Toyotaoverlanders@gmail.com

Word or Open Office text files are preferred and always put your name and email address on the document.

Please do not send pdfs or include images within a Word document, and please send all files as attachments only, not within the body of an email. Images should be jpegs. We reserve the right to edit submissions if necessary to meet restrictions of space or other criteria.


Thank you for your interest in Global Overlander magazine and perhaps you’ll join our international list of contributors.

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